A way to the only God

Ever since I was a young boy, I have been exposed to various gods, gurus, religions and philosophies of the East and my life was directed towards them.

From my deep spiritual and practical experience of living with those various gods and deities, I witnessed raptures, spiritual sensations, some spiritual powers, apparitions, transformations and various miraculous events.

However, they could not satisfy my soul.
The constant feeling that “something was wrong” that intensified over the last few years directed me to Jesus, his simplicity and deep wisdom.

In the early days of this 2020, my life changed completely. In prayer, I asked Jesus why he did it. Why did he go on the cross and gave his life for us?

I couldn’t understand it at all because something like that was not possible for those gods I had been communicating with until then. It just wasn’t in their nature.

Jesus answered me and I felt the rush of His Love in my chest – His mercy, compassion, gentleness, sacrifice and love for us humans, for me.

For a long time, I sobbed and uncontrollably shed tears on my knees being touched by Him. That experience completely transformed me. Then I wrote down these words that He sent to me:

You are a creature of God. You belong to God and He loves you unconditionally.

Out of pure love for the Father and man I did all it and I would do it again if necessary.

At the time, I did not yet understand the depth of those words, but I felt them.

When I met Jesus, I realized what was the difference between all my previous spiritual experiences on the one hand and being in the presence of the living God on the other.

My dear God had mercy on me and after so long I was blessed – I could get to know him, as much as I could.

Then these Truths started to slowly grow in me:

  • The only temple of God is the temple of our body in which God dwells.
  • The only deity, the only icon, image, deity or statue worthy of worship is the living God who dwells in our hearts.
  • The only person who gives us forgiveness and redemption is Jesus – He alone for everyone.
  • His Word is He and He is.
  • God alone deserves our worship and adoration.


Jesus was resurrected, He conquered the tomb.
God bless you all.

Luka Rocco