Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.

We cannot have faith in something if we don’t know about that something. So the more we hear the word of God, (not man’s opinions but reading our Bible and getting to understand what is said and then doing it) then we get to know something and we add to our faith that thing we did not know about.

Our faith gets broader and not more of, or bigger when we learn new things. I.e. you could have a computer and it has programmes that you have never used for example Excel as you don’t seem to know how to use it. It does not mean that the programme Excel is not on your computer.
The capacity that this program brings could make your life easier if you are dealing a lot with tables and also mathematical formulas. So when you learn how to use Excel you have gained knowledge and this has expanded the use of your computer but not made the computer bigger in any way.

So as we learn more from the Word of God, we are expanding our knowledge and use of faith and it will not change the measure of faith we have.

We have always operated in a measure of faith in our daily lives. I.e. we trust that when we
sit down that the chair will hold us up.
We know that the law of gravity works. We know that when we flip the light switch on then the lights come on.

So faith has been a part of our lives since we have been born. When we became born-again our faith should no longer be on the world system, but now in God.

Jesus faith, our faith and the faith of Abraham where and should be faith in God and not in our abilities or feelings.

Faith should be explored through our reading and understanding of who God is and what He says we are through the only means of the Bible, His Word.

Teachers, preachers etc… should be here to help us understand or get us to explore God’s Word for ourselves.

Where is your faith, is it in people?, or in what they say?, in songs we sing at church?,
or is it in God and His Word?

The Faith I have is in God and what He says in His Word.

The Faith I have is in Jesus Christ and all that He did for me through His life, death, resurrection and ascension.

By His stripes, I am healed!

The Faith I have is in the gift of the Holy Spirit that I have received. Jesus said He would send The Holy Spirit who is here to guide me, teach me and comfort me, in God’s Word.
So that I can experience more aspects of the Faith in God.

I give glory to our loving Father and His son Jesus for His love and existence who led me towards my Father, to know Him better and love Him !