Come back to God

A wonderful testimony that can motivate us more to pray and support all our brothers who are on the battlefield to bring salvation to those who are in the shadow of death.

Iulian Urban 38 years, doctor in Lombardy:

I never imagined in the darkest nightmares that I could see and experience what was happening at our hospital for three weeks. The nightmare is flowing, the river is getting bigger and bigger.

Initially, some came, then dozens, then hundreds, and now we are no longer doctors, but we have become the moving lane and we decide who should live and whom to send home to die, even though all these people have been paying Italian taxes all their lives.

Until two weeks ago, my colleagues and I were atheists; this was normal because we are doctors and we have learned that science rules out the presence of God. I always laughed at my parents going to church.

Nine days ago, a 75-year-old pastor came to us. He was a kind man, had serious breathing problems, but he had the Bible with him and impressed us that he read it to the dying and held them by the hand.

All the doctors were tired, discouraged, mentally and physically done, when we had time to listen to him. Now we have to admit: as humans we have reached our limits, we cannot make more and more people die every day.

And we are exhausted, we have two colleagues who have died and others have become infected. We realized that when we were exhausted of what man could do, that we needed God, and we began to seek help from Him when we had a few free minutes.

We talk to each other and cannot believe that as ferocious atheists, we are now in the pursuit of our peace every day, asking the Lord to help us resist so we can take care of the sick.

The 75-year-old pastor died yesterday; so far, despite being hit with over 120 deaths in 3 weeks here, and all exhausted, devastated, managed, despite his condition and our difficulties, to bring about a peace that we no longer hoped to find.

The shepherd has gone to the Lord and we will soon follow him if we continue.

I have not been at home for 6 days, I do not know when I last ate, and I realize my worthlessness on this earth and want to help others with my last breath. I am happy to return to God as I am surrounded by the suffering and death of my fellow men.

Testimony recorded by: Gianni Giardinelli