How I met God?

I was born and raised within a very conservative Catholic family. My father was a seminarist on a verge of becoming a priest, well… Until he met my mother…

Having said that, since my childhood I’ve had the curiosity to know more about God. In my ignorance I was drawing beard him. Untill one day Jesus appeared to me in a dream, sat down at my right side, and looking to me, He said “you’re not ready yet”.

That puzzled me! I had no answers and I had nobody to tell me who the Holly spirit is.
I had a lot of questions, but not a single answer!

I’ve asked a priest, but instead of getting answers, I was laughed at. The priest couldn’t stop laughing at me as he has trying to say : “So, you want to know the holy Spirit? Read your Bible!”. Here’s the thing, I had no Bible! But God provided me a bible from a friend!
My father noticed that I was reading the Bible and got worried. He turned around and gave me a new bible (with Catholic footnotes just to make sure).

As I read the Bible, the book seemed to speak back to me and answered started to come to me. Even the power of God manifesting in miracles, signs and even words coming out of my mouth. Ancient dialects which words I’d never use. I heard a voice speaking at me, urging me to pay attention and keep the distractions away as I was is the presence of the Father.

I looked around to check who was playing pranks at me, by nobody was around. I could see from whom the voice came. It seemed as if someone was standing at my right side. But I couldn’t see nobody. This happened at a Catholic church. Which led me to believe that God can teach you regardless is where you are!

I grew up and there was a point I was trying to get away from God. Then in an afternoon I’ve had a vision of the end of the world! It was real as if I was there. I saw many people tied in large groups which looked just like hay stacks, piles one on top of the other, with many demons along in the mix. I saw a throne and I dared not to look at the face of the one who was seated in the throne, such was his glory. I only had the courage to look at his feet. Then I saw an angel forcing a demonic being who was on the knees and being forced to bow to the one in the throne. That’s when I heard a voice announcing: “The owner of the world”. That’s when I knew it was Jesus. But I was terrified and trembling in extreme fear, because I knew I was a sinner”.

I was left on my knees praying and trembling begging forgiveness.

I knew my responsibility as may are those who are already lost. My responsibility is to bring them to the truth and the light, snatching them from the darkness by telling them the good news.

Slowly God was teaching me and revealing things to me. Then everywhere I went, there was someone sitting besides me speaking about Jesus.

I was in a train, there was always someone speaking to me about Jesus. I took the bus, the same would happen over and over again. One day, I was driving around just to chill out, and when I stopped, there was a church in front of me. Then I told God “I give up! You won! Here I am, I surrender!”

That’s it! God is like a husband who patiently Perdue’s his bride because he loves her and cares too much about her. He’s around, he doesn’t force her but takes care of her.
We are the brides of Christ! We are the church to whom he gave his life!

Would you pay 10 000 euros for a car that only worth 1 000 euros? Why not?

But God have everything He had to get us back! Heaven went to bankruptcy because of each and everyone of us. Jesus was 30 years away from his daddy, because of is!
And God considered that we were worthy of His son’s life and blood! Who among us would give a son to save a multitude of people? Well, God did it for us.

Then we were invited to a Christian church and at the end the pastor asked me if we would consider praying with them! I said: “Absolutely, why not? It’s the same God, the same Jesus and the same Holy spirit and God is everywhere!” We’ll, I had no idea on what I was getting in! The Pastor didn’t explained me at all! We gave our lives to Jesus and she led us into the prayer. Baptism was missing but yet, there was a transformation we could not explain!.

The very next day, I had to take a train to attend to a meeting at the office. But the train was already at the station ready for departure.

Then, while running, I spoke to God in my mind, asking Him to delay the train so that I could go to the meeting on time. I arrived to the train station, had time to buy a ticket and get the train. As soon as I got inside, the train began to move.  I heard a discussion as the operators were lost without explanation, as there was no power loss, but the train couldn’t move at all. And all of a sudden, everything went back to normal.

I was in shock and amazed! After all, even when I spoke to God in my mind, he heard me and answered me. Even when I didn’t deserve at all. I gave glory to him as I was amazed and delighted. I couldn’t stop myself from praising him for His love. Nothing else could absorb my attention to God. Nothing else was more important to me anymore.

Then, as I had to take another train, I was in the waiting room. Then, I saw an amputee trying to organise his documents using his mouth and the remaining arm. Then I spoke to God asking him to get his arm back to provide him a better life and his own household!

Little I knew about God be once again, I was in for a shock! I’ve heard a loud, authoritative and firm voice! The voice was gentle and kind at the same time and loaded with emotions. I could sense listen and feel God’s heart. It was not just a voice!
Instead of coming from the outside, as I had experienced, this time around was far more powerful! The voice shook my whole body. And seemed to come from inside of me. (I had no idea that God was within me). It was a command:

“Heal him!”

And strangely, my heart was telling me 150% without any shadow of doubt that the arm would be there again! That was not even a question! I just knew that that was about to happen, but I could not even explain!

I was trembling and shaking! Tremendous power! Then I asked: “Jesus? Is that you? What should I do? What do you mean ‘heal him’? How could I possibly do that?
What should I say? How can I approach this man in the middle of this multitude?”

But I had no response! I had no idea about healing! I knew nothing! I just knew I had to obey! But instead of obedience and driven by fear, instead of getting up and walk towards the man, I came up with tons of questions! Then my train had arrived!
Either I would walk towards the man and do whatever God instructs me or take the train to the office! I took the train as I was a coward! But I was beating my chest feeling guilty and asking if or a second chance!

When I arrived home, I went straight to my Bible and as I opened, a specific page popped up in my face:

“Go wherever I send you, do whatever I tell you, don’t be affraid for I am with you”

Jeremiah 1:7-8 (King James)

But the Lord said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak.

Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord.

Then I knew for sure that it was Jesus speaking with me (and I was still a stubborn Catholic). Years has passed and the Lord was patiently teaching me and revealing things, answering questions. Untill the day he has shown me what is happening in Fatima and that many are praying to statues, which he revealed to be an abomination to his eyes.

That’s when I left the Catholic church. A few months later, me and my wife were baptized in a beach at 5 AM. It was freezing as the clouds and winds were everywhere.
When I emerged from the water, a beam of light came from the sky and I felt extremely warmed. Besides the wind, I was not freezing! It was like the ideal temperature for me as if I were in Africa. Then, when my wife was baptized, electricity came from everywhere.

Baptism is not a symbolic ritual. It’s a real thing! It’s supernatural! It’s by faith!
Joao Carimo