I have been waiting for you for 40 years

My life was almost perfect. Healthy and happy daughter, new love on the way 7 years after my divorce, job that I love, an appartment without credit obligations, hanging out with my friends, working on myself, meditations and reiki. At glance, nothing should miss.

However, in my heart, there was a big empty space. All my life, I had so many questions about my purpose, my existence, my mission and what should I learn on the way.

One day my memories came back about beautiful year of my life in France. I thought how nice it would be to travel again, How much I missed a change in my life.. Few moments later, a collegue called me to inform me about competition for an internship at the Court of justice of EU. My heart was burning, forcing me to apply. My mind was telling me to quit as I cannot do it as my knowledge of french isn’t good enough.

My heart prevailed so I applied. .. and after few months, I received a letter that I was accepted! I was actually moving with my daughter from Croatia, leaving my former life.

Only after few months on a new job and in new school, my daughter gave me a telephone number on a piece of paper, which was lost several times and found again, hoping for a new friendship outside of school.

I am calling the number, a father answers inviting me to come over to his house to meet. So I came. . On the doorway, I saw an African with a wife and 4 kids. Smiling at me,I could not see anything else but white light in that look and that smile. Although he sees me for thw first time, he asked me why I was sad. Completely unaware of that, my heart confirmed and I opened up to a stranger trusting him in unexplainable way as I knew that knowledge was coming from another place.

I just heard the question: Can I pray for you? Which surprised me as I was thinking, how, now? We usually pray in our room, in peace and quiet, calling for God when it’s difficult.. And now, a man who has felt my sadness, wanted to pray with me out of compassion.

Of course, I said, how nice of him, I thought. He first told me that he feels the pain in my knee, which was hurting me from my childhood as well as in my back, telling me that’s as a result of one leg being shorter than the other. Telling a short prayer “Grow in Jesus name!” I felt tinkles in my left leg for which I knew it was shorter but never thought that could provoke a pain in my back. I actually saw my left leg was growing getting even with my right leg and thinking, what is this, while my heart iwas trembling as it felt the presence.

When that man laid his hands on me praying to God to bless me, telling me how much God loves me and how precious I am for Him, blessing me and telling me I should forgive everyone who had hurt me, leading me to the repentance, I saw the light and Jesus’ face in front of me, watching me and telling me with no words how much He loved me and missed me. My heart melted, all the sorrow and sadness just disappeared in in a second in exchange with deep peace and love as my heart was about to blow from grace.. Tears went down my face.. I felt they were cleaning my soul taking all the burden away. My heart was completely healed and free!!!

I vanished in time and space and found myself in eternity. Timeless and space less. “Is this heaven?” I asked myself. God showed me whole my life in front of my eyes as a movie. Finally, that moment, too. I received all my answers, He gave me knowledge.. He said to me: “Have a look, this is a place where you came from and where you should come back. But you forgot about it.”

Everything became so clear to me…. Life on Earth is to remind us of that so we could, with love for our Father, return home. Not when we die, but when we live. By accepting Jesus in our hearts as He is the only Way. I realized that God for the first time in my life, was living inside of me, in my heart. Some strange words just started to come out from my mouth, in a language that I never knew before. Inspite of that, it seemed to be natural. I have learned later it was His spirit, the Holly spirit who prazs for us in tongues.

When I returned to reality, my eyes and face were glowing..

I came back completely changed, lavished, healed, set free, loved and gifted with the Holly spirit which is telling me what I should do, for almost a year now.

I am listening carefully … and that’s how this site was created.

I have realized there are so many people searching bust still not knowing what they are looking for, just like I didn’t. I know that there are many trying, through different religions and different gods. And what we believe, it grows inside of us. And there are many manifestations of evil, trying to imitate only God, by different powers so we could start to believe that it’s the right path. We are God’s children though, and deep down in our hearts, we know who is our true Father so when we see Him, we stay devoted to Him forever. God always forgives us, as we didn’t know, as we were learning in different ways on Earth, which is the planet of choices.

The Holly spirit started to lead me, step by step.. It showed me that I should feed myself with His word in Bible. Although I had tried to read it earlier, I hadn’t understood it, however, He is the one who is giving me the knowledge and understanding. Bible is a love letter from God for us showing us a way home so we could come back to Him. Through Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life!

Although I thought I was baptized as a baby in a church, by reading the Bible, I have realized that wasn’t real and legitimate, allowing us to enter the Kingdom of God.

Believe, repent and be baptized by water and a Spirit.

That means, accept Jesus as a son of God who died for you and come to God. Repent for your sins and be baptized in water AND in Spirit.

I have realized that as a baby with no sins, I could not repent or accept Jesus in the heart, nor manifest my will to do it. That baptism wasn’t legitimate, it was just a religious act. Something what people had interpreted as should be done as an religious act, a rule and a tradition, but wasn’t according to Bible. On the contrary, Jesus and his disciples were baptized in the water and the Spirit and were baptizing the others in the same manner, evangelizing about Jesus.

I decided to do the same. Before the baptism, while repenting on my knees in privacy, Jesus appeared to me again. I talked with Him as my Father and my true friend, as I never did before with my parents or friends. When I was complaining to Him about myself concerning my daughter, He just replied me with the question:

“What do you think, how much I have been waiting you for to come back to me? For 40 years…”

All my questions and complain vanished. Being ashamed before that kind of everlasting and unconditional love, I have never experienced before, I realized that the only way we could help one to each other is to love, with no questions, expectations or conditions. That is what our Father teaches us and shows us in this world. And that’s ours hardest lesson.

That Great Joy I am revealing to you now because I love you and desire for you to be saved.

As the day will come when the Erath would be cleansed from evil so the Kingdom of God could be established on it. We would be judged by our deeds then. In order that the Word of God could be fulfilled.

We shouldn’t be afraid of that but waiting to meet God with joy and happiness!