Jesus is resurrected!

Peristeria Elata, a flower of the Holly Spirit which grows in Brazil

We thank you Jesus, for every pain you have suffered for us, for every torturing, for every offence and humilation you have received to save us.

We repent for betraying you and hurt you by hurting our dearest, the most closest ones and manny others.

Help us to be resurrected with You, Lord, from every bad habit and bad thought, from every sin and wrongfull deed as well as from strong words we have cursed manny people with. We surrender to you to heal us and transform us, to be gifted a new hearts like Yours is, so Your love could be spread all over the Earth, which is created by You for us to live and enjoy on it in greatfullness for all gifts we were given, spreading Your love all around!

Let the love of Jesus unify us and bring us together in His holly body!

Let The Holly Spirit fulfill us completely to glorify and praise our Lord Jesus Christ!