Prayer for you

Be blessed by Jesus and all that He is!

Let Him show you the way. Let him free you from all worries and burdens.
Let Him show you what you have sinned so that you can forgive yourself,
as well as to forgive all those who have harmed you.

Ask for forgiveness and repent.
Talk to God as your Father and pass over to Him all your sins.
Reach out for Jesus and say aloud:

I surender to you Jesus, I give you my life and everything that is hard for me to bear.

Change my heart and my life right now!
I renounce Satan and all that it represents.

Remove the consequences of the Satan from my body, from my life
and from my whole family and guide me!

Free me from all addictions and bad habits.
Send to me your Holy Spirit to fulfill my whole body.

I thank you Jesus for your mercy and your grace!

Be set free, be healed and be blessed by the Holy Spirit. Receive it right now in the name of Jesus! Peace and grace be upon you and your household in Jesus name!

When you feel grace, you will know that Jesus is with you, and the wonderful warmth will fill your whole being.

This represents the presence of the Holy Spirit. Words of a language you have never heard will come out spontaneously from your mouth. Let them go out even though you don’t understand their meaning. It is a prayer of the Holy Spirit in tongues meant for you.

The Holy Spirit knows which prayer is the best for you so you should allow it to be said through your mouth. May your union with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit be eternal from now on.