Word of God

Jesus was passionate about word of God. He quoted it when praying and knew its true power.

Actually, Jesus quoted the word of God when the devil attacked him in the desert, so the devil left as it was so powerful. Jesus knew that with the word od God he would bring a breakthrough in the most difficult times of spiritual attack.

In moments when we feel tempted or in need, we tend to reach for the Bible and the word of God. God will show us the verse we need the most. Our attention will, seemingly randomly, be occupied by a verse that will help us as a solution to our problems.

Praying and meditationg on a word of God makes us a spiritual weapon for a fight in everyday life battles. This gives us the authority to break down the strongholds of the enemy and thus renounce darkness and accept the light of God’s word.

If we think about what is specifically behind our words addressed to God, we can say at least this:
– faith in God
– communication with God
– cooperation with God
– love of God
– glorifying God

Through prayer we go through all above stages. As we are learning how to pray, our relationship with God would change and connect us deeply on all levels.

He becomes our indispensable help who works for our good:

We know how God makes all things contribute to the good of those who love him and whom he has called according to his intention.

Romans 8:28

You are my friends if you do what I command you.

I no longer call you servants because the servant does not know the master’s intentions. You are my friends now because I have told you everything the Father has told me.

John 15: 13-15

God is our Father, Friend and Savior who alone makes us at peace with ourselves:
And no one can show greater love than to give his life for his friends.

He is our role model who is most holy and wise:

Trust the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your mind. Think of him in all your ways; and he will direct your paths.

He can fill us like no other:

As the hind searches for streams, so my soul seeks you, God!

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God, when will I come and show myself to the face of God?

Psalm 42: 1-2

He is our Lord who alone is worthy of our praise:

I will bless the Lord at all times, his hymn of praise incessantly.

I am proud of the Lord; let the humble rejoice, listening to me: Praise the Lord with me, shout your name together.

I seek the Lord, and He answered me, He freed me from all my horrors.

Psalm 34: 1-4