Prophetic word

Do not be fearful at this time. I am the God that heals you.

Look at how I rescued Shadrack, Meshack and Abendigo from the fire, or Daniel from the lions’ den. Just as I was in the old I am the same in the new. Is not my name physician or doctor?

Take courage that I never created or sent this virus. It is the strategy of the enemy to total stop you from doing the things of God. But this is the time where you will learn to get out my message to those that are in the world in a very different way than what you are used to.

The institute of the church that you know, has been shaken. As the church is not a building! It’s You who believe in Me, that is the church. This is the time to learn how to do things differently. Even though you are isolated from each other, you will find ways to minister to others. The printing press was created so that the bible can be mass-produced.

Many died trying to get this into your hands. Nothing can stop you from inviting me into your home. The same way non-believers have allowed Satan into their homes, So you can allow my Spirit to come into your home.

From Megan Lockely, 1 May 2020

You are my child

I am your God, I am your father who loves you beyond measure. You are the apple of my, eyes, you’re precious to me.
Seek me and youll find me. Abide in me and I’ll give you the desires of your heart. For I have known you even before you were born and I sustained you with the right hand of my righteousness. Yes, you are mine.
I’ve created you for my glory, with a purpose and a motive. Within you and through you I will manifest my glory, yes, even through you I will bring the captives from the darkness to the light. Yes, you! You will bring them to me.
Abide in me, my child! Keep my words, guard them in your heart.
Come closer to me and in your secret place, I will meet you, I will change you, I will transform you , I will teach you and instruct you, yes I will strengthen you. I’ll give you in unshakable faith.
Speak and declare my promises into your life. Even in your struggles, you shall see my strength! Yes, even in your weakness, if you abide in me, you shall be strong. For my Spirit abides in you.

Can’t you see? We are one. You are no longer a mere human being, you’re my child.

Joao Carimo, 14 May 2020